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Michael Klerck was born on Robben Island, and grew up in Cape Town South Africa. He manages one of the oldest websites on Robben Island itself - www.RobbenIsland.org.

He began writing at an early stage, but concentrated more on his career in education, qualifying as an elementary school teacher, and then went on to spend more than twenty years at various community colleges teaching various subjects that included Management Communication, Public Finance, Computer Graphics and Sales Management. He is the author of a number of textbooks for colleges, including one  - Public Finance - that has enjoyed one of the longest uninterrupted runs in South Africa (since 1996). He is also the author of a free online, interactive Economics-Awareness training programme: www.Civics4SA.info.

In 2001 he was privileged to be recognised by the editor of Men's Health, and a number of  articles appeared, winning him the coveted Mondi Paper Magazine Writer's Award.

Michael considers himself a South AfriCanadian and commutes between Cape Town and British Columbia.

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