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"It was a breath of fresh air. The range of emotions was surprising: from slapstick in the lion cage to very serious in the war zone and vulnerable in relationships. It qualifies as a page turner since one cannot wait to find out what hot water the character wil fall into next. Michael Klerck has a great imagination and the descriptions paint vivid pictures especially if one is familiar with the environment." Dr Hetta M, Chicago.

"I loved the characters in the book and could not stop laughing. Especially the chapters that really moved me."  Carol N, Project Manager, City of Vancouver.

"Loved every page. It was screamingly funny! " Cathy M, Dept. Head Springfield Convent, Cape Town.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the book. The funny parts were hilarious and the more serious parts, sometimes sad and other times hauntingly beautiful." EO, Community College Language Educator.

"I must admit I haven't laughed as much in a very long time. Another thing, when I started reading I could not stop ...!" Teresa R, Bus. Manager, FET College Cape Town.

"What a magnificent novel! I laughed and enjoyed the stories, so cleverly put together. Your style is so readable and the method used of autobiographical stories of the past juxtaposed with the present is outstanding."   Trevor W, Retired Principal & teacher of English literature, Hogsback, South Africa..

"Every once in a while something good comes along, like Lessons From The Sauna!  I thoroughly enjoyed the read! There are many real laugh out loud moments and there are some thought provoking, serious and emotionally challenging ones! A real emotional roller coaster of a read with many good stories about the challenges of on-line dating, home cooking and movies you should not watch! You can easily find it on Amazon."  Alan Edwards,CEO New Zealand.







"Well written, funny, mass of facts, page turner so...well done."  Barry Biven, Psycho-therapist, UK.

"I have just finished reading Michael Klerck's latest book and I must say that it is most entertaining. It is a potpourri  of reflections, anecdotes and observations on his move from his country of birth, South Africa to his new home in Canada. As his subtitle says " immigration is not for sissies" and the book records some of the hilarious and frustrating experiences of immigrating with all its attendant excitement and challenges. The book is written in a frank and honest way which makes the book fresh and appealing. It is true to life and filled with amusing observations and insights into Canada and South Africa.

The book has very useful information for those planning to emigrate not only to Canada but to any country as it opens one eyes to the many challenges and obstacles to moving countries. The book is full of factual information on both countries which makes it a useful handbook.

The book reflects the deep love that Michael has for South Africa and its peoples. This becomes clear as he shares his childhood memories of growing up on the infamous Robben Island and teaching the disadvantaged in the Eastern Cape alongside his black colleagues in Apartheid South Africa."  
Philip Fish, Architect, Cape Town.

"I have never seriously entertained the idea of immigrating, but after reading Michael's latest book, were I ever to leave South Africa, Canada would be a serious contender. His ability to blend factual information with personal experience and humour made this a great read. His love for both countries comes across strongly without glossing over either their idiosyncrasies or their problems.

I especially appreciated the wider context in which he placed apartheid in South African, again without doing so in order to excuse or justify it. As someone living in post apartheid South Africa, Michael confirms what many of us inherently know and yet seldom articulate, that not everything is bigger and better across the waters.

I highly recommend this book (and have already done so) to South Africans preparing to immigrate to Canada, those considering it and to those like myself looking for good reasons not to."  
Erich Jordan, East London. www.thecoachman.co.za

"This book is a must read for anyone making the trek from South Africa to Canada. It's best described as an incredibly funny travelogue filled with many amusing and heart warming stories that illuminate what it's really like to make this journey. The author shares his experiences honestly and informatively, providing both pertinent information for travelling to Canada and what can happen along the way. Great read...very funny indeed!"   C.F. Vancouver, BC









This novel is an excellent account of man who has to deal with his troubled past: abandonment by a formidable mother to a boarding school at a very young age and later military service in South Africa's apartheid army. Later he has to face the death of a loved one and the slow mental decline of his elderly mother. The story is written in an autobiographical way with great humour, pathos, insight and sensitivity. Some parts are extremely funny, others very traumatic. It is a book that will appeal to those who are interested in family dynamics, boarding school issues and how one deals with a painful past. Romantic relationships are also very poignant. The story holds one's attention all the way through with the last chapter a brilliant climax superbly executed with great skill and deep symbolism. The setting is Cape Town in South Africa which will resonate well with those who are familiar with this city. A very good read!    Philip Fish, Architect, Cape Town.